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Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in California are looking for solutions that, like any business, will allow them to face economic headwinds with ease and accuracy. In pharmaceutical manufacturing, an extensive production and data collection process, along with significant engineering decisions, don’t always align with economic and business needs.

Pharmaceutical Manafucturing Automation

There is an increasing pressure on companies in all disciplines of pharmaceutical manufacturing to optimize process and operations development — or else risk an overrun in costs within an increasingly tough and unpredictable economic climate.

Telstar’s unique approach to providing turn-key solutions to our clients allows you to incorporate flexibility and business acuity through an innovative drug design and manufacturing process.

We help you lift the barriers to progress by offering our deep knowledge and specialization of manufacturing requirements while also keeping an eye on solutions that will fit your specific business needs and budget.

We’re not just technicians and engineers — think of us as consultants and partners on your production, controls and processing projects.

As a state-certified instrumentation and controls integrator, we work in SCADA/PLC systems, measurement instrumentation, and automated process control to provide complete design, installation, on-site maintenance, and calibration services. Our offices have in-depth knowledge and experience in providing high quality pharmaceutical manufacturing services in Northern California and the surrounding area.

This reduces the pressure of regulatory oversight, helping you meet standards of compliance and excellence. Along the way, we keep your business goals in mind and offer services that respond to exactly what you need, filling in the gaps, without adding bloat to your bottom line.


After years of working with our past and current clients, one thing has become increasingly clear to us as partners on production projects, as well as simply engineers within the profession:

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is poised for a transformation.

It’s no longer about the compliance or a templated approach to drug development but, rather, about allowing the data to guide us to smarter, more effective solutions. These solutions pave the way for a more effective path for pharmaceutical companies while also contributing to the hope for a better standard of life and living by consumers.

But it starts with the details in the process.

Our expertise and years of professional experience addressing the most complicated and complex automated system controls give us a unique perspective steeped in the future. We know that our turn-key solutions, spanning a range of projects like conceptual engineering, systems design, panel fabrication, or HMI/PLC programming are changing the way companies are doing business today.

From Motorola and the Kellogg Corporation to PG&E and Genentech, San Francisco, our clients have worked with us to both meet and enhance their SCADA, instrumentation, electrical, measurement and technical requirements.

Over time, our relationships with our clients have developed into opportunities for significant paradigm shifts and advancements in the process development and measurement areas, accounting for optimized design, analysis, and control manufacturing experience. Together, we’ve managed to progress life sciences validation while maintaining regulatory awareness.


Pharmaceutical manufacturing is a discipline that allows scientists and pharmaceutical specialists to come together and focus on drug development and formulation.

The process is complex and involves a significant measurement & design and evaluation period where stable and uniform compounds are blended to create the final blend, a solid dosage.

In doing this, particle sizes, shapes, surface properties, and other variables are considered, especially when it comes to increasing homogeneity and dosage uniformity, increasing bio availability, and the actual solubility of the drug compound.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is integral in the health and wellness process as it allows individuals and consumers to look forward to significant improvements in personal health and their quality of life, based on scientific approaches and processes to drug development.

This data-driven journey starts with the fundamentals of chemical and biological engineering and calls for a deep knowledge of technical, automation and instrumentation requirements.


Because drug development is a highly regulated industry. Companies not only have to consider chemical compounds that will work to address a consumer’s needs and ailments, but they must also factor in regulatory and compliance requirements regarding measurement, design, and analysis.

From the manufacturing of regenerative medicine products to incorporating emerging technology in the modernization of the pharmaceutical production process, Telstar’s services and expertise hit right at the heart of the industry, addressing the highly technical issues that may arise from drug manufacturing.


Pharmaceutical manufacturing is a progressive growth industry that is at the cutting edge of medical technology, diagnostics, and solutions. It gives consumers and patients a chance to take their health and wellness in their own hands and gives them options for how to manage their lives.

On the medical side, solutions and engineered drugs give medical and health professional the flexibility to prescribe and create a plan for addressing issues and diseases in a patient’s life. But to make sure that the benefits of pharmaceutical drugs reach the widest number of individuals and the drugs are consistently safe and stable, there are standards of production, manufacturing, measuring and analysis that every company must abide by.

This baseline is how both consumers and medical professionals trust and determine which options and drugs work best as part of a cohesive health plan. It’s not just about the status quo — it’s also about moving forward.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing has built a foundation of advancements that have worked before while also forging the path ahead towards new technology such as regenerative medicine products, transgenic plants and advances in the process, such as continuous manufacturing over batch processing.


When balancing the needs of consumers and medical/health professionals and practitioners with the economic demands of the business side of manufacturing, cost optimization is one of the biggest concerns.

Under one roof, Telstar offers its clients and customers a variety of manufacturing, measurement, automation control, design, and analytics to ensure that the entire process of pharmaceutical manufacturing is cohesive as well as cost-effective.

Our clients have the option of hiring us for a single, specialized service, allowing us to focus on the issues while they continue with the process of production, or to engage us for our end-to-end service that completely designs, implements and measures the process from start to finish.

We allow our clients to pick and determine their needs.

This allows pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in California to maintain a level of autonomy, shifting focus to their zone of genius while resting easy in the knowledge that what they need is being addressed by state-certified, industry professionals.

It’s a smarter, more cost-friendly way of manufacturing for drug companies.


What could you do with an expert who understands your manufacturing process from end to end?

Telstar’s professionals allow your employees to act in tandem, rather than operating in a silo. When there’s a hiccup in the process, it’s easy to identify where the issue is coming from, rather than having an engineer offload the issue on the designer or the designer finding fault with the technician.

With Telstar, enjoy the distinct advantage of working with us on just one deliverable or hiring us to address the entire process with our depth of knowledge and experience in each of the services we offer. Not only can this free up your time significantly, but it can also help you take a step back to benefit from a fresh perceptive on a persistent problem.


Experience uncharted growth with a team that offers unique, cross-functional and cross-disciplinary expertise. Telstar helps companies design a better, more robust in-field instrument or panel instrument, and program, install, validate, and troubleshoot these devices, which are key in the manufacturing and drug production process.

We’re well-versed with all required forms of documentation for the calibration process as well as validation and discrepancy management. Our solutions address even the most complex automated control systems, and we specialize in conceptual engineering, systems design, panel fabrication, and HMI/PLC programming.

This allows our clients to maintain better overall supervisory control over individual parts of the plant.

When we work with you, we’ll take stock of the systems you currently have while also designing a solution for a more streamlined approach. We’ll look at where you want to be or the problems and issues your process is facing so we can design an effective solution.

When you choose Telstar for pharmaceutical manufacturing, you get the following:

  • Conceptual engineering
  • Panel fabrication
  • Programming
  • Validation
  • Commissioning
  • System design
  • Installation
  • Startup
  • Calibration, validation, repair, and troubleshooting focusing on Manufacturing and Utilities in a GMP

We are well versed in all required forms of documentation for calibration, validation, and discrepancy management.

Our breadth of experience includes work on:

  • Water systems DCUs
  • Drug substance skids and CIP skids
  • Vial washers
  • Fermenters
  • Large-scale tanks
  • Drug product lyophilises
  • COP washers

We also bring our clients value by performing all calibration, validation, troubleshooting, repair, installation, and documentation for all drug substance, drug product, water and utility systems.


For years, pharmaceutical companies have chosen Telstar for our unique approach to improving processes. They love the flexibility of being able to engage us on a need-only basis, contracting us out for just one of our services or choosing us for two or more services in a tailored package.

When you’re ready to work with a partner who demonstrates a deep knowledge in a range of cross-functional ways; when you’re looking for a professional with years of automation and SCADA experience; when you’re looking for an end-to-end solution that fits your specific process issues and aligns with what you need to address most.

Look to Telstar to fill in those gaps and work with you at every turn. Contact us today to get started!

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