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If you are experiencing a fire emergency, call 9-1-1 immediately. This page is intended to provide information regarding general fire safety and emergency prevention.

Comprehensive Fire Safety and Emergency Fire Repairs

Facility Fires

Telstar Instruments follows a strict adherence to UL508a standards for safety, quality, and functionality, with certified contractors who are licensed and active on the Department of Industrial Relations registry.

Unfortunately, fire emergencies do happen, and minimizing the impact to on-site operations is one of Telstar’s safety program priorities. For decades, Telstar Instruments has helped clients in the public and private sector ensure their critical systems remain in operation during and after fire emergencies by providing a critical operations strike team that is a phone call away, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Wildland Fire

In California, the danger of wildland fire danger is increasing, even in densely populated urban areas, as evidenced in the last several years in the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California regions.

Whether your facility experiences an isolated structure fire or is impacted by wildland fires, Telstar provides the following critical support:

  • Immediate dispatch of a Telstar team to the facility
  • On-going critical response by a Telstar engineering team who is familiar with your essential services and able to provide solutions for multiple critical solutions at once, whether electrical, instrumentation, programming, or all-inclusive design-build.
  • Ability to start from scratch, repair, or retrofit your current essential services system
  • Prior understanding of your facility’s operations, allowing for expedited solutions quickly and efficiently


Emergency Fire Repair Service Review


If you have a specific fire-related concern about the operations of your critical systems, Telstar engineers are available and ready to help by calling 925-671-2888.

If critical preparedness is on your mind and you would like more information on fire emergency prevention, please use our contact form below to request information on a master services agreement with our team. Join the many facilities that rely on us for critical support.

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