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Telstar Instruments, in Stockton and Modesto, California

With over 40 years of experience, Telstar Instruments is a state-certified instrumentation and controls integrator that provides SCADA and PLC systems.

Our team is committed to providing high-quality design, installation, and on-site maintenance and calibration services with offices throughout California in Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto, and Hanford. Additionally, Telstar Instruments also specializes in providing on-site management and many other services, such as:

Services We Offer

SCADA and Automation Services

Telstar, Inc’s SCADA and automation services are available with several payment plans on offer. Using a fully-comprehensive approach, each solution aims to eliminate the headaches that usually come with SCADA and automation services. Although it can be difficult to find a provider that offers the perfect solutions for your business model, with Telstar you can count on dependable results that benefit your manufacturing processes.

Instrumentation and Controls Services

If you want to optimize your internal performance, turn to Telstar for instrumentation and controls services. With an advanced approach to automation, you can maximize efficiency and reduce your running costs. With real-time monitoring of what’s happening in your plant, your planning and decision making will become more effective.

Electrical Construction and Predictive Maintenance

Telstar’s turnkey approach to installing, maintaining, and repairing essential systems can help you in your never-ending quest to make your day-to-day operations as seamless as possible. Using condition monitoring, Telstar can help you predict and prevent system flaws before they become significant issues. Using the right approach to predictive maintenance, you can also identify unusual patterns and tackle them accordingly.

Electrical and Control Systems Engineering Services

Electrical and control systems engineering is highly complex, which is why the Telstar, Inc. team features engineers from rigorous and high-end engineering backgrounds. Although each task is highly technical, your dedicated engineers will take an approach that allows for a harmonious performance in the future.

Maintenance and Validation Services

Wear and tear of equipment is inevitable when working in an industrial plant, but that doesn’t mean your operations should halt whenever maintenance is needed. Using a focused approach to calibration, Telstar can prevent inaccuracies that trickle down into other areas of your plant’s operation. By using these services at your manufacturing plant, you could prevent costly and time-wasting errors. As state-certified contractors, the team is also able to ensure compliance with the relevant regulatory bodies.

Custom Control Panel and Motor Control Panel Manufacturing

Using the right control panels promotes smooth manufacturing operations. In the absence of custom control panels, life at your plant could become slow and laborious, resulting in a loss of productivity. Telstar, Inc. can create custom control panels for plants throughout the United States. Using the right products, your plant could become more efficient than it already is.

Chemical Equipment

Working in a chemical environment means that the slow degradation of equipment is highly likely, especially when you’re working around corrosive substances. This doesn’t need to translate to plant errors, however. Using proper chemical equipment maintenance services, you can detect problems that could wreak havoc throughout your plant and avoid costly mistakes as a result.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is governed by strict regulations that are becoming increasingly tougher. Using a reliable data collection process and dependable engineering, you can ensure profitability while maintaining sound manufacturing processes. Telstar, Inc. provides bespoke turnkey solutions that allow you to adopt a flexible business model. Each solution is designed to meet your manufacturing needs while staying within budget.

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