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Telstar Instruments, in Concord, California

With over 40 years of experience, Telstar Instruments is a state-certified instrumentation and controls integrator that provides SCADA and PLC systems.

Our team is committed to providing high-quality design, installation, and on-site maintenance and calibration services with offices throughout California in Concord, Stockton, Modesto, Sacramento, and Hanford. Additionally, Telstar Instruments also specializes in providing on-site management and many other services.

Services We Offer

SCADA and Automation Services

Telstar Instruments’ SCADA and automation services are designed to make the process of adapting to these systems easy. Instead of facing roadblocks alone, you can count on end-to-end services with SCADA systems and automation including on-site training, design, and more.

Telstar Instruments also offers several payment plan options so you can find one that works best for you as your team trains and adapts.

Instrumentation and Controls Services

If your system is underperforming, it might be time to use Telstar Instruments’ instrumentation and controls services. You can experience an uninterrupted workflow, maximize efficiency, and reduce your overall running costs.

Telstar Instruments can provide real-time monitoring for your plant so you can keep track of your plant’s productivity and progress.

Electrical Construction and Predictive Maintenance

Industrial machines require routine maintenance, especially with the usual day-to-day operations they might experience. Using Telstar Instruments’ turnkey approach to electrical construction and predictive maintenance can help you remain aware of “condition monitoring.”

Condition monitoring is all about the collection and analysis of real-time management and data so that you can keep a constant eye on your electrical and industrial equipment and know when to expect repairs, problems, and general maintenance.

Electrical and Control Systems Engineering Services

Electrical and control systems engineering is complicated by nature, but that’s where Telstar Instruments comes in to simplify things. Our technicians specialize in crafting solutions for complex problems. When you need to perform highly technical tasks and interlink systems together to ensure optimal performance, we can help.

As you work with Telstar Instruments, our dedicated engineers and highly-trained specialists will identify and address any technical tasks and ensure that they will work harmoniously within your plant.

Maintenance and Validation Services

While operating in an industrial plant, normal wear and tear on equipment and instrumentation are inevitable. When they don’t get taken care of, processes could degrade and misalign, which could endanger the lives of employees as well as consumers.

But addressing any of these problems doesn’t mean that normal day-to-day operations need to stop. With maintenance and validation services, Telstar Instruments’ state-certified contractors can ensure compliance with regulations and prevent costly and time-wasting errors.

Custom Control Panel and Motor Control Panel Manufacturing

The safest way to operate and control your manufacturing operations is through seamless, efficient control panels. Without up-to-date, customized control panels, your processes could be slowed down and your automation disrupted.

From idea to design and fabrication, Telstar Instruments can create custom control panels for any industrial plant through custom control panels and motor control panel manufacturing. Our solutions range from PLC control cabinets to SCADA panels and much more, across a variety of applications.

Chemical Equipment

When working in a chemical environment, wear and tear and slow degradation of frequently used equipment are expected, especially when you’re around corrosive substances like hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid.

That’s why it’s crucial to perform maintenance on your machines so you can avoid costly mistakes and employee endangerment. Telstar Instruments can service your chemical equipment by adding sensors and detectors within an automatic control system. Let us help you keep your productivity on track and at ease.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Strict regulations govern the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, which is why manufacturers rely on dependable engineering, reliable data collection processing, and consistent, error-free production. Telstar Instruments’ pharmaceutical manufacturing services can provide the solutions that manufacturing plants need to ensure that operations stay on track — while staying on budget.

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